Sound therapy

sound therapy, sound healing or vibrational medicine takes on vibrations of the human voice or objects that resonate, ie tuning forks, gongs, tibetan singing bowls, zils, to go beyond relaxtion and stimulate healing.

Music has the ability to relive stress, promote relaxtion and to lift one`s spirits when feeling down. Sound is a vibration felt throughout our bodies on many different levels. These vibrations and frequencies can effect us in many different ways.  Listening to singing bowls,crystal bowls, bells and gongs helps to open up and balance the chakra`s and create harmony in a persons energy field.

Ear acupressure

our ears a complete reflex map of our body.  Each of which is full of nerve endings and connections to our central nervous system.

Stimulating the pressure points on the ears for three to five minutes simultaneously helps rebalance and heal the body.

Crystal healing

A collection of beautiful crystals are used to deepen the power of rieki

Crystal jewellery

crystals have always amazed me, they are a true gem left to us from mother earth. Along with the help of my crystals to deepen my rieki sessions I also love to make beautiful jewellery with these precious gems mother earth provides


Rieki 1 hour session £40

Rieki 30 min session  £25

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