Lea Lewis
reiki master & teacher (usui ryoho reiki)

Warm wishes

My name is Lea. For many years I have both believed in and used the healing power of mother earth.  This is a huge part of my life and became even more so after getting sick in 2013. 


This lead to my path of how to heal myself naturally, thus bringing me to use my healing skills and perform reiki on myself and eventually getting my certificate and passing the power of reiki on to those who have been in need. 


The reiki  sessions I perform include a combination of things I have found to be helpful to the experience as a whole.  These include my beautiful collection of crystals,which help to deepen the healing power of the reiki.  Sound therapy to help tune into a higher and most relaxing frequency.  I also use ear acupressure which helps to rebalance and heal the body.


My space is filled with pure frankincense to deepen the relaxation and open the third eye chakra .  My room has the sound of a cascading waterfall and some beautiful music, perfect for the reiki session.


My home is both peaceful and welcoming and I do really look foward to inviting you to come along and try out the amazing power of reiki.



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